Chapter 1 (12/12+?)

Cândido left the room in the company of Paul and Marty. The first one, noticing his own hasty walking rhythm, immediately stalled his commute home. The other two fancied this attitude nothing else than odd and could not resist the undesired temptation to stare.

“Do not find yourselves worthy of judging me” said Cândido as he gained ground towards Paul and Marty.

“You need not to worry, my friend. We cannot reach the judging state while we are still in the wondering why” Marty.

“If it is in accordance with your will to be my company in this walk, I suppose that time to explain the reason behind my behavior will not be scarce”

“I highly suspect that there is no such amount of time that can be described as enough to explain your conduct, Cândido. However, I am intrigued and, if my friend is inclined to do as I, I shall request you to proceed”

“There is no more amiable feeling than the one provided by the exquisite experience of listening the reasoning behind one’s use of his freedom”

“I will ignore the absence of decorum in your words, Marty. And Paul, I can never be sure if I plainly understand this you call a sentence, thus I will assume you will join us. Well, there is no mystery to it: I am simply avoiding the early arrival in my section of the Island”

“You know that you will miss lunch, do you not?”

“Yes, I am aware. But that place provides excellent food for the entire duration of the day”

“You can join mine and Paul’s afternoon activities, if you will”

“I thank you for the invitation, but I am acquainted with the nature of these activities and I am afraid they are not in tune with my idea of entertainment”

“A man who cannot see the opportunity of happiness in the horizon shall always have the explored paths as a new beginning”

“Paul might be presenting a pleasant sight for you, Cândido. If your current living situation is not agreeable, you shall always have the option of moving to the section of the Island you truly identify with”

“Yes, you all presented this perspective with exceedingly clarity during the coffee break. I am afraid I shall decline such a solution, nonetheless; for I do not comprehend the superiority of living in the right section and, even so, steal away to do parallel activities, as you two do every afternoon”

“Do not classify our doings as equal to yours”

“Pray, do not deny the veracity of my statements. You two neglect your philosophies’ reflexions to do whatever it is you do. And if I dare to question myself why that is, I most certainly shall find that the higher guarantee of pleasure of whatever you do is the reason. However, my friends, we definitely differ in the extent of me fancying food to be more liable to give me pleasure than your meaningless dialogues”

Cândido was left to stall alone. Upon his arrival in the medieval section of the Island, namely the one designated to the ones devoted to St. Thomas Aquinas (where the best food could be found)(1), a peer approximated and expelled the most exciting news:

“Cândido! You should bring your food to the debates room! We are to resume the angels’ deliberations (2)!” Cândido sighted and did as his colleague suggested.


(1) St. Thomas Aquinas is known for needing to have a table with a crescent cut to fit his belly; therefore, the best food.

(2) In the medieval times the debates surrounding angles — for example, how many of them could fit on the needle tip — were popular. They have survived time, for they still are a great source for jokes.



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