Chapter 1 (19/19+?)

“I mean to invite you to accompany me to the normals’ territory this evening, for I suspect I have discovered where we ought to look for Socrateses” Jude’s eyes had the spark one can find in a incontestably well accomplished lady.

“Do I mistake you, or are you genuinely suggesting we use our leisure time to do something we are to do tomorrow morning, during the work period?”

“You have plainly understood me, Cândido”

“May the Lord have mercy on me!”

“Cândido, I am sensible of your need for leisure. However, I reckon we do not have any variety of options, for the place I found is closed in the morning period”

“It would be of my interest to go today”

“I, however, fancy it a bad idea, Nona” said Will “for we would have no way of returning to the Island, once the trains’ shift ends at three P.M.”

“You all could pass the night in my apartment”

“I would say that it is settled, then” Nona “We are all to go to the normals’ territory this very afternoon”

“What could you mean by ‘it is settled’?” Cândido “you appear to be the only one in accordance with such absurdity”

“If I may be honest, I am inclined to accept Jude’s offer” Marty “I find my spirits eager to see what experiences may derive from such adventure”

“The new is a soothing feeling to the spirit that is drowning in the tiresomeness of repetitiveness”

“Pray, are you attempting to stir me up into going, Paul? I hope I did not quite comprehend what you meant, for, if I am indeed right, you would be another one who have no mercy on my nerves”

“Cândido, do not infer from Paul’s words the intention of humbling you to the dust” said Will “that is a suspicion that my words should awaken in your nerves”

“Nonetheless” Marty “Paul may be right. Going to the normals’ territory could be an opportunity of escaping the inevitable boring afternoons you endeavor to delay”. The philosophers and Jude watched Cândido employ on a long, fearful blink.

“What are the Lord’s plans for me? Why are my spirits considering this nonsense?”

“Say, do these words mean to express your consent to going to the normal’s territory?” Nona

“Upon my word! I am afraid they do”

“How delightful!” Nona turns to Will “It seems there is only you left to agree to our adventure and I fancy a ‘yes’ would be the most practical answer”

“I am afraid you are mistaken, my dear”

“How so?”

Will’s smile visually confirmed what had just seized Nona’s ears: the bell ring.




Brazilian. Philosophy student. Not very creative when it comes to writing a self description.

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Brazilian. Philosophy student. Not very creative when it comes to writing a self description.

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