Chapter 1 (14/14+?)

Will found himself in his chamber in the pragmatics’ section of the Island. He was, similarly to the other pragmatics, elaborating simpler solutions to philosophical inquiries, when he heard a knock on his door. Finding it strange, for the coming of visitors was unusual, Will got up from his chair and approached the door, which, when opened, revealed an uneasy Nona.


“May I converse with you?”

“Absolutely! Pray, come in” he moved so that Nona could enter his chamber “forgive my failure in foreseeing the coming of my dearest patient, otherwise I would have prepared a divan for you to lay on” Nona smiled with the joke “ say, what circumstance prevailed you on to come here?”

“I can not fix on a specific moment, I am afraid it is a current feeling that has been disturbing my soul”

“And what would be that feeling, my dear?” said Will sporting the impression of what he conceived as a psychologist.

“The feeling that… I am not happy here” Nona limited her vision to her hands, which kept her from noticing the concern raised on Will’s complexion with the thought of what would come of such a statement.

“The sound of what you tell me could not be further away from the definition of pleasant”

“Nonetheless, whenever I think of it, I find it closer and closer to the truth” she makes a quick pause, sighs, and continues “initially, I agreed to come to the Island because I love philosophy, and I firmly believe in the efficiency of the skeptic method, but lately…”

“Yes?” Will tries unsuccessfully to be the object of Nona’s glance.

“Every day, Will, I return from the administration building to my section of the Island to see the effect that the philosophy, that I hold so dear to my heart, has on my friends. And, when beholding it, I become afraid of what it can do to me; so I run. I compulsively collect others’ philosophy to escape from what I once reckoned would make me happy”

“Do I mistake you, or are you stating you desire to leave the Island?” for the first time Will said something that captured Nona’s sight, which revealed the answer to his question “pray, Nona, do not make hasty decisions. Life on the Island bounds to never remain the same. We currently have to work with a normal person! Imagine what else the odds can realize! All things must change for the best, I guarantee” there was not a slight spark of honesty in Will’s words, however, the sound of them made it appear as if they were the image of the truth itself.

“Your saying resembles Cândido’s belief that god concedes only good things” she replied with sorrow.

“It is possible that I conceive it as Cândido, for I trust this god not to let you leave this Island; for you are the only goodness of it” Nona smiled sweetly at Will when hearing the words of which the sound was equal to her friend’s feelings.

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