Chapter 1 (2/2+?)

Jude was one of the normal managers sent to the Island. She was a young woman with the bluest of eyes that reflected the shine of her pretension of making the world a better place. It was clear that, through transforming the philosophers’ thoughts into her own, she would be dignifying their life.

Her alarm clock began to play a song that, with a smooth and cheerful melody, sung the most disagreeable lyric. Jude opens her eyes as her ears fulfill her soul with the musical charm of repulsiveness. She uncovers herself from the pointless blanket she sleeps with — since the philosophers’ parting, the temperature was always amiable, neither hot nor cold, simply… ordinary. Blissfully, she showers, drinks her tea, takes hold of her briefcase and goes on to venture the risk of exposing her sanity for the greater good.

On her way to the Island, Jude could not avoid wondering why one would opt to live in a humid Island, full of idle people when they could live in such a benignant place among the normal. She arrived at her destiny and proceeded to go to the building where her new workplace ought to be. Even though Jude knew her new occupation was not desired, she found her spirits truly eager to discover what would be of it. She was not acquainted with any philosopher and was looking forward to beholding their follies herself.

Once inside the building, she ranged a long white corridor with an uncountable number of doors, of which the handles had the shape of a sun where one could read the numbers designed to the room to which the doors were the entry. Jude eventually encountered the handle announcing the room 444, where she was expected.

She opens the door smiling, but in the room there was no one to be found. She was the first to arrive. She enters and begins to observe the place. The walls and the floor were of an identical blue, there was a perfectly round handcrafted table situated in the center of the room with eight chairs placed at the same distance from one another. The opposite wall from the one where the door was located had a large window that, once Jude had opened the big dark blue curtains, revealed a marvelous view. Beyond the glass she could partially see the drawing of the utter circle shaped by the limits of the Island. The landscape was composed by numerous shades of green that had all of its complexity dissolved by the distance of Jude’s contemplation. In spite of the beautiful sight, the Island was clearly a place where proximity would only provide heat, humidity and bugs.

“You must be the new manager” Jude turns to find a green eyed man leaning on the door jamb “Welcome, I am Will”

Brazilian. Philosophy student. Not very creative when it comes to writing a self description.